Presidents Monthly Update

March 2021

I hope I find everyone well.

I would apologise initially for being late with this month’s update as we were waiting for explicit Guidance from Bowls Scotland with regards to the road back to the green. This Guidance, albeit not yet complete, was received on 28th March and was reviewed at a Directors meeting held on the 30th March. 


The President and Directors will open the Green on 17th April at 10am but there will be no Opening Ceremony due to Covid regulations.  

Members have to book a Rink every time that they want to play this season and should do so via the Club’s new website Please note that it is part of the Scottish Government’s Track and Trace procedure that you must book a rink before use and it is part of Bowls Scotland Regulations that you are not allowed to play more than one game per day. The Rink Booking system will be available to Members from 11th April for bookings for the opening day and thereafter.  

While very many Members used the rink booking system last year all Members will have to register / reregister for Season 2021. This procedure should take about 10 minutes. 

April Fools League 

To enable us to meet the ‘Guidance’ for informal sport issued by the Scottish Government, Sportscotland  and Bowls Scotland only singles games, without a marker, will be allowed until further notice. As such we are bringing back our “Fun” singles leagues. Members can of course also organise their own ‘bounce’ singles games.

Entry Forms for the Gents’ Singles League will be issued shortly.

Ladies were able to indicate on their Competition Form whether they wanted to enter the Ladies’ Singles League but any full play Lady Member who didn’t enter on that Form is very welcome to add her name to the list for this League; please inform Christine Hollywood, Ladies Match Secretary, by email or phone 0141 637 6894. 

We hope to also be able to play Pairs and Triples from the 26th April but this is subject to confirmation from the Scottish Government / Bowls Scotland nearer this date; we will keep Members fully informed of all changes.

Cleaning of Equipment 

In line with the procedure from last year all players will be required to clean the Mat(s) and Jack that they have used at the end of their game. 

This equipment does however have to be set out and each morning and also has to be safely secured each evening and I am accordingly asking for Members to take a share of responsibility for these tasks. If you can help, please contact me (07898929924) or reply to this email.

Locker rooms 

  • The Locker rooms will be open from Saturday 17th April and you should follow the undernoted guidance:-
  • You should wash or sanitise your hands immediately you enter the locker room and do so again before you leave to minimise any risk of virus transmission
  • Lockers should be left unlocked and the master key will accordingly be removed from the locker rooms.
  • Lockers should be closed when not in use to minimise any risk of virus transmission
  • A maximum of 2 players are allowed within the locker room at any time.
  • Shoes Bowls etc should be collected and shoes should be changed outside. 
  • Be at least 1 m away from the other person in the locker room,


The toilets will be open and a maximum of 2 people are allowed into the toilet area at any one time. Physical distancing recommendations should be followed. 

You should wash or sanitise your hands when you access the toilet area and do so again before you leave to minimise any risk of virus transmission.


Spectators will be allowed to watch games from a target date of 26 April but must sign into the track and trace book located in the bowls hut – this start date to be confirmed.

Bowls Scotland 

Bowls Scotland have advised that the National Championships and all County Matches have been cancelled for Season 2021 but have indicated that they hope to run some kind of event at the end of the season if possible.

I know that some of our Members would have been looking forward to representing the Club in the National Championships but Bowls Scotland explained that they wanted to keep bowlers safe and weren’t able to be satisfied that they could do this and also deal with  the logistics of staging this major event when there would be a possibility of a delayed start or travel restrictions. 

Bill Hollywood recently attended an online meeting with Bowls Scotland and other clubs. It was stated that only 50% of clubs in Scotland opened last year, with the vast majority of others only opening their green on a selected number of days through the week.  Other clubs were rightly impressed by how much Stamperland had offered to our Members.  I would accordingly like to thank both Match Secretaries, the Ladies committee and the directors for their hard work last year. 


We are awaiting confirmation on whether these associations will play their championships this year and what format this will take. The associations are working on the same guidance as the clubs so may take some time to reply. 


‘East Renfrewshire’ has cancelled its competitions for Season 2021 and we await information from ‘West of Scotland.

Internal Competition

If you still have not send in your entry form, please do so as soon as possible as the competition draws will be made shortly. The Singles and Pairs events will commence 26 April. 

Internal Competitions 

 Our first competition will be the Mixed Triples which will take place on 1 May. This is open to all full play and intermediate players. The Game will be 9:40 for 10:00 am start. A notice for entries will be placed on the mixed notice board on Opening Day. The competition is limited to 30 players. If a player has scored his / her name off the list or is unable to play the next player on the list will play.

The Ted Crone competition will be played on Friday 7th May. Entry sheet will be on the gents notice board and is open to gents full play and intermediate members. The competition will be limited to 30 players.


As we intend to have a full calendar of internal competitions, we are looking for sponsorship. If you are willing to sponsor any of the below could you contact the Gents Match Secretary  or by text on  07725-523724

1st May Mixed Triples Mixed 
7th May Ted CroneGents 
29th May Jubilee TrophyMixed 
6th June Ladies TriplesLadies 
13th June Lockwood trophy Mixed 
19th June Diamond Cup Mixed 
27th June Mixed Fours Mixed 
2nd July Past Presidents Vs DirectorsMixed 
4th July Battle of The SexesMixed 
10th July The Presidents  CupGents 
11th July The Wightman CupLadies 
14th August New members Invitational Mixed 
18th September George Kennedy 2 Bowl PairsMixed 

Please note format and dates of competition may change. Sponsors of a game will be added to the entry sheets. Friendlies have not been included as we are unsure if other clubs will be allowed to attend. 


We hope to have some friendlies however this is likely be in the middle to tail end of the season. We will keep you informed and up to date 

Bar / Clubhouse

The bar and clubhouse are scheduled to  open from 30th April. Initially the bar will only be open Friday , Saturday and Sunday.  Opening and closing time will be confirmed at our directors meeting on with only  Soft Drinks being allowed to be consumed within the bar /  club house and alcohol beverages being sold for consumption outside.

Please note all dates are subject to change. All guidance and legalisation will be required to be followed by Stamperland Bowling, its committee and its members.